Quality Policy


Version 2.2


The document aims to present the Quality policy of AlliumTech S.r.l. in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and introduce the main drivers of development, consolidation and improvement of the Quality level of the company organization.

The Quality policy is reviewed annually by management at the dedicated Review meeting to verify its adequacy, its effective understanding by staff, and the consistency of company behavior with the policy.

Quality Policy

The next sections briefly describe goals and drivers that determine AlliumTech's actions.

Customer Orientation

AlliumTech places the expectations and satisfaction of its Customers, internal and external, at the center of its activities. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the main indicators of the company's success and the basic prerequisite for its growth and increasingly established market positioning. To this end, AlliumTech provides all the necessary resources to guarantee the agreed level of service: a strategy that together with the attention given to its stakeholders and the level of integration of the proposed solutions has led to collaboration with leading technology partners.

Result orientation

For AlliumTech, offering quality service is the key to sustainably excellent results, which are the result of constant and determined attention to the needs not only of the Client and technology partners, but also of the stakeholders (employees, suppliers) who, directly or indirectly, influence the company's strategies and activities. As such, AlliumTech is committed to its compliance obligations. Finally, AlliumTech pursues transformation into reliable elements of value for the business environment in which it operates and constantly monitors its profitability.

Management and consistency in goals

AlliumTech operates in a structured and systematic way, with harmony and full collaboration among the company's functional areas through defined processes that facilitate interactions and simplify steps and communications: an organizational model that recognizes the Quality System as a reference model at both the managerial and operational levels, from which to build on in order to define and pursue objectives consistent with the company's mission.

Management and risk thinking

In its decision-making processes, AlliumTech addresses risks and opportunities relevant to its business environment and strategic goals.

AlliumTech plans operational activities consistent with risk treatment assessments, which are monitored and reviewed periodically by management and in case of changes in the operating environment or relevant stakeholder expectations and requirements.

Process-oriented management

Consistency in process orientation and performance measurement through management-defined KPIs ensure AlliumTech's controlled action in the continuous pursuit of its goals and remarkable speed in implementing improvement actions.

Consistency in process orientation and performance measurement through management-defined KPIs ensure AlliumTech's controlled action in the continuous pursuit of its goals and remarkable speed in implementing improvement actions.

Staff growth and participation

AlliumTech believes that employees, directly or indirectly related to production, play a key role in determining the quality and success of the company's performance to the Customer and in achieving the company's objectives. Through active participation, AlliumTech promotes and motivates qualified female employees capable of operating with full autonomy and responsibility.

Continuous learning, innovation and improvement

AlliumTech considers the professional and specialized skills of its employees to be its main strategic resource. Through the organization of learning opportunities, articulated in training courses run by internal or external faculty and on-the-job training sessions, AlliumTech staff can continuously maintain and increase their competence. The professional skills acquired, combined with the sharing of expertise and the conscious responsibility that comes with it, are fundamental prerequisites for supporting the process of improvement and enhancement undertaken by AlliumTech and translatable into concrete and measurable commitments.

Health, safety and working environment

Safeguarding the health and safety of workers is a primary value, an assiduous commitment and a constant component of corporate management. These principles are implemented by investing suitable resources, improving performance, process reliability and the work environment to minimize any kind of risk and in full compliance with relevant legislation.

AlliumTech is committed, for each situation, to ensuring conditions conducive to the achievement of overall goals and the maintenance of a climate that facilitates the work and activities of all employees.

Ethics Code

AlliumTech believes in ethical action as a fundamental prerequisite for achieving business goals. Operating daily in accordance with the principles of honesty, fairness and respect is the value that should guide everyone who works and collaborates with AlliumTech.

The Code of Ethics is a guarantee for all stakeholders inside and outside the company, so that the protection and respect for individual and professional rights are constantly ensured and pursued. For this reason, it constitutes the behavioral role model that identifies the values of the company and the people who work there.

Data Protection

The processing of information within the scope of telematics (voice and data) and document services cannot disregard the regulatory developments regarding the protection of personal data (see European Regulation 2016/679, hereinafter GDPR).

In this regard, AlliumTech has adjusted its implementation processes, starting from the design, to protect the rights and privacy of data subjects and to ensure adequate protection of their data, legitimately processed, through the application of the principles of data protection by design and by default.

In addition, with reference to the provisions of the GDPR, AlliumTech has identified the Data Protection Officer as the competent figure to support its full implementation and be the corporate reference for authorities and stakeholders.


AlliumTech adopts responsible decision-making strategies on social, economic and environmental impacts in the context of business action through careful risk analysis and management. In this sense, AlliumTech undertakes the commitment to give feedback to all those who have interests and the right to control the organization, as well as to the authorities regarding laws and regulations, regarding its objectives, activities and results, to communicate their economic, social and environmental implications by appropriate means, according to the nature of the impacts and the related circumstances.