Conversational Assistants

Voice and multi-channel solutions for automation
customisation and optimisation
of corporate communications.

Conversational Assistants

Voice and multi-channel solutions for the automation,
the customisation and the optimisation
of enterprise communications.


Voice and multi-channel
solutions for automation,
optimisation and customisation
of corporate communications.

Use Cases

Communication systems are a key element for the success of modern companies. However, the need to deal with widespread problems and complex situations, often with significant optimisation and customisation requirements, has a strong impact on business efficiency and costs.

Dynamic Distribution

Filter and dynamically distribute incoming traffic according to flexible and configurable rules.

Massive Performance

Manage massive outbound and inbound events and initiatives that exceed the traffic capacity of communication systems.

Business Continuity

Ensuring continuity in the event of reorganisation or maintenance of systems, emergencies and temporary unavailability.

Network Backup

Ensuring the availability of a version of CRM systems under any circumstances, even a reduced version based on Conversational AI.

Security and protection

Protect company numbers from spamming attempts and disruptive traffic to maintain quality of service.

Contact recovery

Reduce the number of internal and customer contacts lost due to abandonment, unavailability of services or absence.

CRM Automation

Automating repetitive tasks to free up human resources to be devoted to solving more complex and more valuable problems.

Regulatory Compliance

Responding effectively to regulatory requirements - such as the Mifid II directive - and the protection of user privacy.

VoxApp Conversational Assistants
for the automation and optimisation of business communications.

A suite of solutions designed to address the most widespread problems of optimisation, automation and customised management of corporate communications.

Voice and multi-channel solutions that are modular and composable with each other, integrated at the edge or in the network, customisable for specific customer requirements, integrable into the technical and process architectures of corporate communications and with conversational Artificial Intelligence technologies and, finally, delivered in the cloud in fully managed mode.

Network Solution

Smart Call Manager

SCaM is the solution that allows calls to be handled and distributed flexibly according to a set of specific and customised conditions, the Re-Routing Policies.

Network Solution

Smart Disaster Recovery

SDiR is the solution for ensuring business continuity and securing PABX corporate network services in the event of emergencies or temporary total or partial unavailability.

Network Solution

Smart Voice Captcha

SVoC enables a Call Spamming Protection service for special numbers that can perform a near real-time analysis of each call and identify malicious users.

Enterprise Solution


The solution that enables automatic and customised handling of calls to fixed and mobile terminals.

Enterprise Solution


The solution that enables the automatic and customised management of a Not-Human Operator Station.

Enterprise Solution


The solution for optimised and secure management of inbound and outbound telephone recordings.

La piattaforma VoxApp per la gestione end-to-end dei servizi.

VoxApp Portal

VoxApp makes available an administration portal through which it is possible to configure services and user authorisation levels, manage service delivery materials or outcomes - such as audio recordings - and consult summary reports.

The system guarantees the protection of personal and sensitive data through differentiated access in relation to user functions and authorisations, with the possibility of customisation in the definition of roles and visible content according to specific capabilities.

Full customisation of service performance and loading of audio content and text for speech synthesis with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology.

Viewing the calls handled, summarising the service provided and consulting the data acquired through recording, i.e. archive of reports and audio files.

Customer Integration

Two different possibilities of interworking with the customer's communication and CRM systems.

A fully integrated solution capable of collaborating optimally with all communication systems in the company.

The service operates independently of communication systems, freeing the company from the economic and structural impacts of an integration.

Speech & AI Integration

Advanced user interaction through the most innovative speech technologies of the integrated Speech Suite.

DTMF, speech recognition and transcription, Natural Language Understanding, Call Steering, AI/Machine Learning.

Professional audio messages or textual information converted to voice by text-to-speech.


All VoxApp services are delivered in 7x24 mode through a high reliability architecture and processes that allow high availability (HA) levels of 99.9%.

The Service Assurance process, delivered in an integrated manner between the Operator and AlliumTech, includes:

  • a Technical Help-Desk, reachable 7x24 by telephone and e-mail;
  • a Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) structured on three levels.

Our offer is based on market use cases.
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