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Speech Technologies, Conversational AI,
Professional audio messaging:
the future of business is conversational.

CX Innovation

Speech Technologies, Conversational AI,
Messaggistica audio professionale:
il futuro del business è conversazionale.

CX Innovation

Personalization services
with Speech Technologies,
Machine Learning, Conversational AI,
professional audio messaging production,
and human operator
station integration.

CX Innovation:

Speech technologies and AI: the cornerstone
of a new relational paradigm

Driven by exponential innovation and widespread diffusion in the daily consumer experience,voice interaction is increasingly becoming the keystone of a new relational paradigm between companies and their audiences,between man and man, and between man and machine, with the trend growing even at the expense of the visual interaction of the Web and mobile apps.

The data give us a clear perspective of the evolution of Voice Technology and confirm that virtual assistants is the fastest growing technology market.

The Digital Transformation revolution is forcing a step change in the way customer relationships are conceived and managed. Voice is the new Digital.

2015 | $1.63 billion
2016 | $1.94 billion
2017 | $3 billion
2018 | $5.2 billion
2019 | $8.6 billion
2020 | $12 billion
2021 | $15.8 billion

Global digital assistant market growth from 2015 to 2021 - Statista

Customer Experience Innovation,
the high road to the future of the enterprise.

There are two factors that make this change of pace imperative.

The first is that, with an increasingly informed, demanding, and aware-and less and less loyal-customer, the marketing era has passed and the Customer Era has begun. Dialoguing best with one's clientele is more than ever the strategic move on which the success of any business is played. And all consumers have a common trait: they expect to get exactly what they want through service experiences that require the least amount of effort.

The second is that, at the same pace, we have inexorably entered the Age of the Voice. With the rise of virtual assistants, smart speakers, wearables and IoT, consumers have become accustomed to obtaining information and completing daily tasks with a simple voice command. And now they expect to be able to use their voices everywhere.


Consumers who prefer to interact with businesses using voice assistants rather than an app or the Web1.


It is the percentage of consumers who use 5 or more channels to get support2.


This is the percentage of customers who consider traditional self-service systems to be their main source of frustration2.

Vocal, multichannel and always on the cutting edge.
In one word, conversational.

This is the challenge of Voice Transformation: to go the last mile of the digital age and move beyond the territory of written interactions on the screen to that of spoken, real and meaningful conversations between man and machine. Between humans and artificial intelligence.

If it is true, as the most authoritative and recent market research confirms, that the number of users who prefer voice assistants to the Web and mobile apps, who access customer care from multiple channels is increasing dramatically, and that, nevertheless, traditional self-service solutions remain a source of great frustration especially for users over 50, then the real key to success is a solution that is both voice, multichannel, and state-of-the-art. In one word, conversational.

  1. Conversational Commerce: Why Consumers are embracing Voice Assistants in their lives - Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute
  2. Get It Right: Deliver the Omni-Channel Support Customers Want - Ovum Research

CX Innovation, services and expertise for voice technologies

VoxApp offers a full suite of professional services for Customer Experience Innovation and the design of effective interactions, as well as the most advanced skills for managing complex projects to integrate speech technologies into the business strategies of large companies.

Our Voice Artificial Intelligence:
Human and Not-Human to speak the language of the future

Conversational AI

Professional services specializing in the design, implementation, and tuning of speech components based on the latest AI technologies.

Audio Messaging

Production of professional multilingual and customised audio messaging for switchboards, IVR services, CC and answering machines, also with music remix.

Partners Licenses Reselling

We directly resell, install and support licenses and solutions from our partners Nuance, Sangoma and Esker.

Our offer is based on market use cases.
Contact us to discuss how we can solve yours!

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